Senior Product Manager and Collaborative Leader

Ari Scheller

Product management with exceptional communication, strategic prioritization, and a collaborative approach to inspiring engagement. Proven record of streamlining processes, adapting to change, and enhancing experiences with innovative technology-based solutions.


Effective product management requires the ability to

Intuitively connect with teams to drive innovation with humanity.

Especially in this technology-driven world.

We can achieve more together than we can apart. Because of that, I work to bring together teams of talented people who will deliver the results we need. That is the core of product management.

These skills were specifically honed to support that effort.

I refuse to stop learning now. Both from books (I take a little time each day to learn something new) and experiences (check out a few of those below) I’m expanding my skillset so that I can collaborate effectively with innovative teams.

Compelling Ventures

Sr. Product Manager

  • Reduced workload by 63% for one client.
  • Increased conversion rate by avg. 40%
  • Delivered roadmap to reduce
    workload by 80%.




A year spent exploring the world and learning. 



Product Manager

  • Generated over $878K in donations
  • Led carrier industry in embracing UX-friendly functionality
  • Developed robust feedback loops to improve UX



Product Manager 
Carrier Billing

  • Saved TMUS an est. $3.5M
  • Eliminated an est. $2.5M in expense
  • Sped up go-to-market processes by 22%


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my Skills

Communication skills and attention to detail are the cornerstones that product management balances on.

Between my extensive experience and personal development, I’ve developed these crucial skills that are necessary to drive results within diverse and cross-functional teams.

  • Organized Leader
  • Savvy Communicator
  • Strategic Planner

Organization & Leadership

  • Proven Efficiency Driver: Trained to recognize the internal drivers that push individuals towards useful action and help them leverage those drivers to excel.


  • Handling Complexities: Enjoy taking the scope of disorganized or overwhelming projects and sorting them into actionable and useful steps.


  • Crucial Doc Dev: From SOPs to training documents and videos, I’m experienced in creating easy-to-understand sources for cross-functional teams.

Communication Skills

  • Effective Communication: Skilled at recognizing how individuals need to be spoken with in order to optimize understanding.


  • Technical Translator: Capable of translating marketing needs into digestible technical requirements & analysis into summarized results.


  • Team Empowerer: Excited about helping others find and live in their energy advantage. Enabling them to take the calculated risks that lead to success.


  • Decerning Prioritization: Adept at identifying critical tasks and driving their timely execution.


  • Informed Decision Making: Methodical approach to decision making that pairs gathering feedback from the team and a strong understanding of the data with listening to my gut.


  • Intelligent Planning: Experienced at designing a plan, getting insight from the team on how it could fail, then fixing the plan before implementing it.


Jenn Fein Testimonial

“Ari was both highly professional and passionate…”

Tanner Colton Testimonial

“…Ari’s character, leadership, and calm in the face of stressful and chaotic moments.”

Jackie Roby Testimonial

“…stay on task, keep teams in place to do the same, and do all of this with kindness was incredible.”

I’ve Worked With



Organizing the imPOSSIBLE

To automate and reduce the workload for a business with manual and complex processes, minimal reporting, and scattered documentation. 


    • 63% reduction in workload
    • 47% increase in email open rates above the industry average

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Over 620K notifications for customers had not gone out because of a glitch that had the potential to cost the company millions of dollars.


    • $3.5M(est) saved for the company.
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